Xiaomi together with IKEA created a table with fast wireless charging

17 May 2019

It is interesting that the smartphone will be able to charge not in a certain place on the surface of the table, but on its entire surface.

The idea and implementation belongs to the engineers of Xiaomi and IKEA. They decided to create a table on which you can charge smartphones automatically, without having to connect wires. They set a goal that would result in a person not having to press additional buttons.

Xiaomi совместно с IKEA создали стол с быстрой беспроводной зарядкой

In the end, the brands succeeded in creating such a table, on which supported smartphones can be charged with a maximum power of 20 watts.

So far, there is not much information about the novelty. According to sources, wireless charging will really work not in a separate place, but on the entire area of the table.

Xiaomi has not yet announced the invention. Neither the release date nor the price of the table is known. However, the insider information is impressive. At the link there is a video demonstrating the work of the charger in the table.