Xiaomi has released an economical smart air conditioner

16 January 2020

The developers of Chinese Xiaomi do not sit idly by. The company's arsenal includes not only smartphones. It creates many gadgets for the smart home.

Image from techtudo.com.br

One such new product is the Smartmi Air Conditioner A. It's a voice-controlled air conditioner. Commands are carried out by the Xiao AI digital assistant. You can turn it on and off and set the temperature.

In addition, the Smartmi Air Conditioner A saves energy. Xiaomi claims that it consumes 20% less than its counterparts. Its annual efficiency factor - APF - is 4.65.

The mentioned value is better than the standard value. First-class models in the Celestial Empire guarantee an APF of 4.5. Against their background Xiaomi's product is noticeably more efficient.

Image from techtudo.com.br

Also Smartmi Air Conditioner A outperforms American competitors. Although in the U.S. APF requirements are strict. How did it achieve this?

Xiaomi engineers used a proprietary motor (with inverter current conversion). As for the price, it ranges from $333 to $391. The cost depends on the area of the room.

The version for small rooms is cheaper. The version for a spacious dwelling is more expensive.