Zanco Tiny T2 - the world's most compact phone

15 January 2020

Need a spare cell phone so it doesn't weigh down your pocket? Perhaps you should consider the Zanco Tiny T2. There's no smaller one in the world (according to its creators).

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The product is surprisingly tiny. Its length is 6.1 cm, width - 3 cm, thickness - 1.65 cm. The gadget weighs 31 g. At the same time - it is not inferior to large classmates.

First, without recharging Zanco Tiny T2 works 7 days. This is guaranteed by a battery capacity of 500 mAh. Secondly, the device supports 3G networks.

Also the device is used as a player. Bluetooth 3.0 allows you to connect wireless headphones. Among other things, you can listen to FM-radio. The corresponding module is available.

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Where to store music? The Zanco Tiny T2 offers a built-in storage capacity of 128 MB. However, the volume can easily be expanded up to 32 GB - with microSD.

The screen of the device is 1 inch. The resolution is 128 by 96 pixels. This is enough for games like "Snake", "Tetris" and other classics.

Surprisingly, there is even a 0,3 MP camera. The developers did not forget about the flash too. Communication is provided by cards NanoSim. In addition, it is reported about 64 MB of RAM.

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Agree - an unusual invention. The price of Zanco Tiny T2 does not bite. The price for this tech wonder is $79. Orders are accepted on Kickstarter (where the funds for the mass production of the novelty are being raised).