Yandex Vision will allow developers to recognize information from images

22 April 2019

"Yandex. Cloud launched a new service called Yandex Vision. With its help developers will be able to recognize text from a picture. A set of computer vision technologies will help in this. The information was shared in the company.

The new service will be able to recognize text in scanned images and photos, put them into a certain category and to detect people's faces in the photo.

In Yandex Vision will be laid 40 languages, including the CIS countries. The company also said that, for example, the service recognizes the Russian language with an accuracy of 96%. And the Kazakh - with 94%.

Yandex says that a page of text decrypted with the help of Yandex Vision will cost 10 kopecks. Thus, for 120 rubles, you can buy the transcript of the 1000 units per month. By pages we mean an analysis of any complexity. For example, one photo.

Yandex Vision позволит разработчиком распознавать информацию с изображений

Yandex Vision has another feature - to find people's faces in a photo or any other image. It is needed, for example, in order to find in the database all the photos with a particular person. At the same time, Yandex said that this does not mean that users will be able to identify the identity of the person.

The website of the project says that the classification of images will help to filter content. For example, whether an image has adult content and the like.

For now, the classification and facial recognition features are working in Preview mode. That's why there's no charging for them.