Yandex will help you find the information you need faster, thanks to the new search algorithm "Korolev

23 August 2017
Representatives of the company "Yandex" announced the launch of an updated version of the search system with the same name. According to the developers, thanks to the transition to a new algorithm, called "Korolev", the system will be able to respond more accurately even to complex queries.The fact is that the new algorithm - "Korolev", like its predecessor "Palekh", uses a neural network to work. However, the novelty has one important feature. It compares the semantic vectors of the query is no longer only with the title of the page, but also with all of its contents. Thus, the updated search from Yandex allows you to look for answers to questions posed by meaning, not just by keywords. It is reported, however, that the training of neural networks involved not only employees of the company, but also ordinary users. "Yandex" uses impersonal search statistics, which takes into account the pages to which users have moved on any query and the time they spent there. Thus, the more actively searches are used, the more accurate its results become. The algorithm "Korolev" has already started working and anyone can try out its benefits in practice.