Yandex.Translator allows you to translate text into emoji and vice versa

21 December 2017
Yandex's translator continues to amaze us with its capabilities. If last January the service spoke Elvish, now it has mastered an even rarer language. We are talking, oddly enough, about emoji.According to the developers, emoji can be considered a separate language with pictographic writing, like the ancient Sumerians. To work with this "language", the usual approach to learning, involving the analysis of parallel texts, no longer works. Therefore, the Translator uses all kinds of sites where different emoji and their descriptions are collected as dictionaries. Of course, for one emoji there can be several variants of "interpretation", so the result of the reverse translation may surprise the user.It is worth noting that the Translator can translate whole phrases into emoji and back. To do this, they are broken down into individual words and phrases. Then, each element is represented as a vector - i.e., written as a set of numbers. A similar operation is performed with the descriptions of the emoji. After that, it remains only to compare the resulting vector representations and select those of them that are as close to each other to select the most accurate semantic correspondence between the text and emoji. Everyone can try the innovation. Translation to and from emoji is available in the web version of Yandex.Translator, as well as in the corresponding mobile applications.