Online broadcasts in 4K resolution will appear on Odnoklassniki

22 December 2017
Good news for all Odnoklassniki users. The developers announced the launch of their own video platform, making it possible to watch online broadcasts in 4K directly on the social network.The development team notes that Odnoklassniki became the first social network in Europe to launch professional broadcasts in such high quality. Moreover, viewers will be able to try out the novelty very soon. The first 4K broadcast will be available tomorrow, December 23. It will be the match of the Spanish championship soccer "Real" - "Barcelona", which will show the company "Telesport" with commentary by Vasily Utkin. It is interesting that the video in 4K Ultra HD format appeared in the social network three years ago. Since then, high-quality video content has been supplied by professional studios and TV channels. Of course, the demand for Ultra HD video increased, which was the reason for launching the new video platform. It is worth adding that broadcasts in 4K became available to all producers and broadcasters of video content. Users of the desktop and mobile versions of the social network, as well as through mobile applications and even on SmartTV and Android TV, can try out the new product simultaneously, thanks to the OK Video application.