Apple has confirmed rumors of deliberate slowdown of outdated iPhones

22 December 2017
Surely, many have heard about how one of the owners of the iPhone 6S on the resource Reddit complained about the deterioration of the performance of his gadget after updating to iOS 11. The user with the nickname TeckFire also added that the speed of the smartphone was noticeably different from the iPhone 6 Plus its brother, even according to the benchmark GeekBench, and after replacing the battery, the original performance of 6S instantly restored. This led to rumors spreading that Apple was deliberately slowing down older gadgets, forcing users to buy new, more expensive models. Despite the seemingly absurdity of this theory, it still got confirmed.Apple representatives commented on the above mentioned situation. According to them, lithium-ion batteries, which are used in the company's gadgets, as they age, as well as in some other cases, the ability to provide the necessary peak current drops. This, in turn, leads to sudden shutdowns of gadgets to protect electronic components. Apple, in turn, is trying to provide the user with products that have the best indicators both in performance and life expectancy. For iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE a new feature was released to smooth out one-off bursts to protect the gadget from shutting down in such cases. As expected, Apple has reduced the maximum CPU frequency on smartphones with depleted batteries. By the way, in the case of the previously mentioned Reddit user under the pseudonym TeckFire, the battery drain was only 20%. Moreover, if previously the problem did not apply to newer models, with the update iOS 11.2 it reached the iPhone 7, and in the future the corresponding feature will be extended to other gadgets of the company.