Yandex.Taxi conducted the first tests of unmanned cars

01 June 2017
It has become known that the company Yandex has successfully conducted the first tests of an unmanned car. It is expected that after all the necessary improvements and refinements are made, driverless cabs will enter Russian roads.A total of two driverless cars participated in the tests: the first, which can be seen in a specially prepared Yandex video, is based on a Toyota Prius, while the second is a Kia Soul. Both cars are equipped with all the sensors needed to collect information about both the vehicle itself and its surroundings. First of all, these are cameras, which look in different directions and transmit information about the location of other cars, people, the boundaries of the roadway, as well as signs and road markings, and help the special software to correct the speed and direction of travel. In addition, thanks to the all-around vision lidar installed on the roof of the car, a three-dimensional map is created, which is used to calculate the distance to certain objects. In general, quite a large number of all kinds of sensors are used for the operation of unmanned cabs. However, it has only recently become known how the car will actually behave. The tests were conducted in Moscow, in a closed area not far from Yandex headquarters. In conditions similar to the preparation for the exam in the traffic police on the test track, "drones" coped successfully. According to the company's representatives, additional tests will have to be conducted before the final appearance on the country's roads. The exact dates have not yet been announced, but it is known that they will take place in 2018.