Twitter launched another innovation to protect users from offensive content

31 May 2017
Perhaps many people have had to deal with annoying spam and all sorts of insults in social networks. Twitter developers have already taken steps to protect their users from such content, and now it has become known about the continuation of work in this direction.This time, the changes affected the function of messaging in the social network. Now, with the "Receive private messages from any user" option turned on, texts from people who are not on the read list will be displayed as requests. In the same way, group conversations to which invitations have been sent by strangers will be displayed. In order to see their content, you need to confirm your consent. Otherwise, you can quickly delete the message, which, however, will not block the sender himself. It is worth adding that thanks to the innovation, all media files received from strangers will be hidden until you confirm consent to receive the message, or until you click on "Show media files". Everyone can try the new features in the official Twitter application for Android or Twitter for iOS, as well as in the web version of the social network.