YouTube will help authors of 360-degree videos make content more engaging

19 June 2017
Good news for those who are planning to start working with 360-degree videos or have already started sharing their creations with the world. YouTube developers have launched a new tool that allows you to determine where viewers are looking while playing such videos. This will help better understand how to interest users and create even more attractive content.Now the authors of 360-degree videos, which number of views exceeds 1000, will have access to the new tool. It will help find out where viewers' "camera" is most often pointed when watching a video. This will help determine which areas are most interesting or most viewable, so that new videos can put important details in those areas. The new tool will display information in the form of a kind of "heat map", where instead of the temperature, the authors of the video will show the areas that most often attract the attention of viewers. Such approach will help to bring the information as much visually as possible. In addition, the representatives of the service shared a number of tips that should help the authors to create even more fascinating content. For example, according to experts, almost 75% of the time, the viewers look at the objects which are right in front of the operator. This means that the main objects of the video is better placed in this area. And to motivate the viewer to watch the surrounding objects, the representatives of YouTube suggest to resort to the help of signs or animation. A new tool on YouTube for the authors of 360-degree videos has already been launched. And whether it, together with a number of tips from the service representatives, will be able to cause the growth of high-quality VR content on the video hosting, we will find out in the nearest future.