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Abacre Retail Point of Sale

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Abacre Retail Point of Sale Abacre Retail Point of Sale is a new generation retail store and supermarket management system. It is the most complete solution reflecting almost all operations and life cycles of a retail outlet: taking orders, payment, purchasing, warehouse, personnel management. The user interface is carefully optimized for the fastest possible order entry and to prevent erroneous data entry. The system can be used with multiple computers in a network and includes secure and reliable user identification methods. It works with almost all commonly available hardware: touch screens, fiscal loggers, printers, customer displays, cash drawers, barcode scanners. Check forms can be easily customized, and the software can be set up to work with any currency, taxes and number formats. Cash, credit card or check payments can be accepted. For managers, a rich set of reports reflects a complete picture of operations within the restaurant and its lifecycles: sales for a given period, peak hours, shift closures, stock transactions, most active employees, payment methods, and automatic tax calculations. By standardizing the entire retail store management process, this software greatly allows a much more efficient use of your staff time and energy radically improving This software is easy to install and does not require long staff training when using it. Very affordable prices and high quality allow you to use the system in all types of retail outlets - from small family stores with one computer, to large store chains and supermarkets.


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