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Housing and Communal Services Dispatcher

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Housing and Communal Services Dispatcher Automated system for dispatching services of housing and communal services. It is of special interest for HMOs, housing cooperatives, condominiums and management companies.

The hardware and software package "Housing and Communal Services Dispatcher" has the following key features:

  • Number Detection. The program includes integration with the hardware and software complex "dispatcher", which detects numbers of incoming calls and records phone calls. When the call comes in, the dispatcher automatically displays all the information about the caller.
  • Recording and listening to conversations. Recorded conversations are automatically assigned to the necessary applications. Listening is carried out with a single click and can be performed from any client in the local network.
  • Logging. The system provides for the maintenance of the application logs separately for each site of the housing and communal services. The possibility of data exchange between organizations on applications, debtors and completed work has been implemented.
  • Processing of information about requests. The Housing and Utility Services Dispatcher software contains all necessary tools to enter and edit the information about the requests and allows to control the level of fulfilment of the requests received. The automated output of the information about the applicant (information about the debts, address data, previous requests and the degree of their implementation) is implemented, as well as the automatic indication of the organization and person responsible for the implementation of the request based on the nature of the fault.
  • Creation of a selection from the application log. The program allows you to easily make a selection from the requests log on the basis of specified parameters: to display requests for a certain time interval, paid, emergency, unclosed, etc. requests.
  • Search by parameters The program has a set of tools for searching requests based on specified parameters, such as:
    • No. of request;
    • dispatcher;
    • master;
    • address of the requestor;
    • emergency situation;
    • etc.
  • Print routing sheets. A convenient tool for printing route sheets by applications based on selections from the application log entries has been implemented. The program allows you to change the templates and forms of the route sheets.
  • Reporting documentation. Program contains a convenient tool for obtaining the necessary report documentation based on the selection from the application journal entries. Ability to change the format of the report depending on the person responsible for the report.
  • Communication between users of the system. Ability to transmit important messages to all services of the housing and communal services connected to the program.


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