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Actual Virtual Desktops is a program that will expand your Windows workspace and allow you to better organize your workflow.

Regardless of the type of activity it often happens that the desktop of your computer has too many icons and open windows/programs, which sometimes complicates and slows down the work process, because it becomes problematic to quickly find the desired file or switch to the desired window. In this case, you can connect an additional monitor to the computer and expand the work area. But this possibility is not always there, plus it requires additional costs. As an alternative, you can use this program. It allows you to create several virtual desktops, distribute icons and windows between them according to tasks, and quickly switch between desktops depending on your needs.

When Actual Virtual Desktops launches for the first time, it gives you a brief tutorial that gives you a better understanding of how it works and its main task. After that, it will open the virtual desktops settings screen. All the settings are well organized and structured in separate tabs. Here you can configure virtual desktops, window settings, view and change hotkeys, etc. You can create any number of desktops. Each table can have its own name for easy navigation, a background image and a hotkey, which makes it very quick and easy to switch between tables while working. You can use them to separate icons and windows according to their purpose. For more convenience, you can customize the behavior of windows and programs and set up rules, for example, to prevent the launching of unwanted programs.

The entire work of this program is based on the use of hotkeys. They allow you to switch tables on the fly and use other functions of the program. You can view the list of hotkeys in the settings in the appropriate tab. There you can also change them to your liking. This program will help you expand your workspace and better organize your workflow by scattering icons and windows on separate virtual desktops.

Not enough space on your desktop? Download Actual Virtual Desktops.


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