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Actual Window Manager is a multifunctional program for organizing your Windows desktop. With it you can configure your working environment to perform tasks more efficiently and quickly and save yourself from the routine of organizing windows manually. The program allows you to automate some actions with windows and adds new features.

The program provides advanced features for multi-monitor systems. With its help you can add a full-featured taskbar to each monitor, put different wallpapers and screensavers, create and manage desktop profiles, and much more. In addition, the program allows you to create and work with several virtual desktops. Each desktop is fully functional and independent. You can create an unlimited number of virtual desktops.

With Actual Window Manager you can insist different parameters for each window individually. It allows you to set the size and position of the window after opening, prioritize, ignore deactivation, etc. The program also adds new buttons to the window title bar. You can use them to minimize the window to the system tray, quickly move the window to another monitor, dock the window on top of others, resize it, etc.

Most of the program functions are available through hotkeys. You can assign any convenient combination to almost any action.

In addition to the above functions, this program allows you to divide one desktop into several zones. You can put one window in each zone. In this way, you can create a grid of windows and applications, effectively distributing the desktop among them.

Actual Window Manager is a powerful and flexible tool with which you can effectively organize your Windows desktop and increase your productivity.


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