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If you are a telecommunications professional or office administrator and you are looking for an affordable, flexible tool for your call accounting hardware or software system, you can end your search. We have Advanced PBX Data Logger software that can be part of your system and meet all your technical needs. Advanced PBX Data Logger allows users to capture, record and archive phone calls as well as capture SMDR or CIR data via RS232 or TCP ports, convert it and write it to files, databases (MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC), Excel, DDE, OPC.

The program can be integrated with your system and work together with your billing program. If you have several PBXs, Advanced PBX Data Logger can work with all of them simultaneously and use personal settings to read and export data! Our program can run as a Windows service, which means that data will be logged even if the user ended their session on the computer or a computer reboot occurred. Thanks to its many modules the program integrates with any system. All this functionality and power is available at a very affordable price!

Key features:

  • Read data from multiple PBX servers simultaneously via COM or TCP ports, each PBX can have its own data export settings;
  • Program supports more than 50 PBX types and allows you to add new configurations;
  • Fast, optimized and efficient architecture;
  • Data output to a log file without any changes. Creation of a new file by time or size. Ability to output date and time stamps to a file;
  • Write data to MS Excel or CSV files, with support for time stamps;
  • Real-time data export to MSSQL, MySQL, ODBC databases;
  • Numerous auxiliary modules;
  • Works on all versions of Windows and all platforms.


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