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If you are an administration or ACS professional, or a professional who supports an existing system, and you are looking for a flexible tool for your software and hardware system, you can stop your search. We have Log Monitor Export that can be part of your system and meet all your technical needs. Log Monitor Export will help save your time!

This utility is specially designed for administrators and people who have to monitor the health of databases, file systems, devices, and many other programs on a large network, especially when these log files are scattered over many computers on the network. The program can also be useful for personal computer users, as it can provide a second level of control over many other programs and the health of the operating system itself. Our log file monitor includes notification and scripting tools. If any event is found in the log file, it can generate and send an email to the administrator, execute a program or a script. This will relieve the administrator from monotonous and time-consuming work controlling multiple log files and free up his working time for other administrative tasks. Amazing functionality at an affordable price!

Key features:

  • Ability to monitor multiple log files simultaneously;
  • allows you to monitor local and remote log files;
  • real-time or scheduled monitoring;
  • supports different types of log files;
  • allows to add a date/time stamp;
  • allows you to aggregate and pack log files;
  • export data into MS Excel and Word files;
  • exports data to most popular databases;
  • allows you to send notifications both by email and by other methods;
  • can work as a service.


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