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Darwinia is a computer game in the strategy genre, made in a graphic style that imitates old computer games.

Darwinia is a digital reserve inhabited by an intelligent life form, the Darwinians, who have uncomplicated but evolving artificial intelligence and, in addition, a soul. According to the plot of the game, the system of Darwinia is affected by a virus, the player's goal is to save the reserve and its inhabitants.

One of the features of Darwinia is the graphics. The game is designed very simply, about the same as the ancestors of the strategy genre: angular shapes, simple objects and minimal video system requirements. But Darwinia's creators implied that Darwinia's world is not a game, but a truly existing and created virtual universe.

Darwinia does not belong to any known game genre. It incorporates elements of puzzle, real-time strategy, and action. The player observes the world of Darwinia and is able to run programs - units with which he makes an impact on the world. The player is able to run a limited number of programs through the Task Manager. In the game, to run programs using mouse gestures - to call a program you have to draw its sign in the Task Manager, then select a point on the ground, where the program will appear. Most programs can only be located near control towers, only the Engineer can be located not only near a control tower, but also near the Squad. No resources are represented in the game (with the exception of souls of living creatures) - any program can be called an unlimited number of times, the only limitation being the number of simultaneously running programs.

Opponents in the game are represented by viruses - aggressive units with active movement and reproduction abilities. Most viruses in the game have souls. The goal of the game is to clear Darwinia of viruses, so the player visits the regions of the reserve and performs various tasks in them, among which, apart from destroying viruses, there are many additional actions.



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