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DEFCON is a computer game in the real-time strategy genre.

The game is based on the movie War Games, which simulated a global military conflict between the USSR and the USA using the entire thermonuclear potential of both superpowers.

The goal of the game is to inflict as much damage as possible (expressed in millions of deaths - megadeads) while minimizing your losses. There are no moral constraints or incentives set - the player is only driven by emotion. Before the start of the game you can choose (if not specified by default) one of the six available territories:

  • North America (USA, Canada);
  • South America (all countries south of the USA);
  • Europe (including Eastern Europe);
  • Russia;
  • Africa (the entire continent);
  • South Asia (Near East, Middle East, East Asia, Southeast Asia).

Maximum number of players: 6. At the very beginning of the round, the player places stationary objects and fleets on his territory. The first, as a rule, involved in the case of reconnaissance aircraft. For the first 18 minutes of the game, combat is forbidden; this time can be used to optimize the positioning of forces according to the results of reconnaissance.

When you move to DEFCON 3, the player's units automatically begin to attack enemy units in their area of effect. The use of aircraft and fleets is allowed. DEFCON 2 is fully analogous to DEFCON 3. Switching to DEFCON 1 removes all restrictions from the game. The main problem of the game is to choose the optimal time for a massive missile attack, because the role of launch silos and air defense systems play the same buildings, so when you switch air defense stations into SHPU mode the defense of the player's cities drops to zero. The location of the mines is automatically detected. The only way to win (not lose) is to destroy the enemy missile silos as soon as possible after they are detected, without letting them fire all their missiles.



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