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DBConvert for Excel & MySQL

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DBConvert for Excel & MySQL DBConvert for Excel and MySQL is a bi-directional program that provides reliable migration of data from one database to another: MS Excel to MySQL, MS Excel to MySQL dump, MS Excel to PHP file, MS Excel to MS Excel, MySQL to MS Excel, MySQL to MySQL dump, MySQL to PHP file.

You can convert an entire .xml file to MySQL, or a specific data range from MS Excel spreadsheets to create an unlimited number of tables. A built-in data selector is built in to make it easy to work with when selecting a source. Work with the entire database or select only the tables, fields, indices and foreign keys in MySQL to process. Get the desired result simply by combining a few options through the Wizard interface or command line mode.

DBConvert for Excel and MySQL is also suitable for transferring data from MySQL to another MySQL database or from one Excel file to another. You can control the process and the urgency of the conversion using the built-in scheduler that runs the program according to a set schedule. The ability to connect to MySQL database servers on all Unix- and Windows-compatible computers can be considered one of the major advantages of the program.

User-friendly interface is the result of joint efforts of our team in the field of program usability and graphic user interface design. The work with the converter is intentionally divided into several steps, so that the most complicated tasks of the conversion process are divided into manageable parts. For your convenience, documentation is included with the program.


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