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DBSync for SQLite & MySQL

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DBSync for SQLite & MySQL DBSync for SQLite and MySQL is a robust bilateral data migration program that allows you to convert and synchronize databases from SQLite to MySQL and from MySQL to SQLite. You can copy an entire database as well as convert individual tables, fields, indices and foreign keys by configuring several options through the Wizard interface or at the command line. DBSync for SQLite and MySQL allows you to update your databases with the latest data thanks to three types of synchronization: insert, update and delete. Together, they allow you to manage your distributed databases in a consistent manner and keep them fully synchronized. The program contains the tools you need to compare and synchronize data in different databases, as well as to compare identical, different, missing, and additional records. DBSync for SQLite and MySQL includes unicode support as well as many other useful features. The scheduling feature as a separate step in the synchronizer program allows you to assign conversion and synchronization tasks with a single click. With the built-in data mapping feature, you can easily find the most appropriate equivalent for one type of data in the receiver's fields. Customizable data filtering lets you automatically create a new filter and easily modify an existing query. Pre-checking for possible errors allows you to detect them before the conversion process starts, alerting you in advance about possible problems with your table objects. The improved overall functionality, high synchronization speed and stability of DBSync for SQLite and MySQL set it apart from the large number of similar data conversion tools.


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