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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL

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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL DBConvert for SQLite and MySQL is a data migration program that performs two-way conversion from SQLite database to MySQL server and from MySQL to SQLite. It is suitable for converting data from one MySQL database to another or to a MySQL server, as well as for copying SQLite to SQLite.

DBConvert for SQLite and MySQL has many features, such as interactive / command line mode, MySQL dump and PHP script for MySQL export, task scheduler, data mapping, data filtering, error checking and so on.

You can convert SQLite to MySQL or MySQL to SQLite by simply configuring a few options through the Wizard interface or at the command line. Command-line options, together with the scheduling feature, allow you to automatically and regularly synchronize or convert data without any additional configuration or user presence.

DBConvert for SQLite and MySQL allows you to create dump files and PHP scripts to indirectly load data onto MySQL, thereby using a workaround for possible server restrictions. The program generates a PHP script that contains database information and can be implemented on the server to put the database there.

Data filtering during conversion allows users to extract only certain data for the tables to be converted according to the set filter criteria and thus better control the data migration process.

Data mapping is a compatible data type assignment for the target database. This feature makes conversion more flexible.

Possible conversion errors can be detected before the conversion process starts. The program warns you in advance about errors and possible problems with table objects. Some errors that may cause conflicts in the target database can be easily and quickly fixed with small configuration changes in the problematic part of the conversion process.


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