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EV Nova - this game is a third-person space quest with role-playing elements, which takes place in the distant future.

EV Nova is set in a universe with hundreds of star systems, many of which have planets and space stations on which the player can land. Each system is either controlled by a faction or is lifeless. The player's ship usually travels between systems by hyperjumping along established and multiple (for the player) paths to nearby systems.

Rare wormholes can also be used to jump the player's ship to a randomly chosen system. There's also a network of hyperwraiths, which allows to move between certain systems after completing a series of tasks called "Sigma's Shipyard".

In space, which in the game is limited to two dimensions, the player controls the ship to land on planets, jump to other systems, or engage in combat and board ships. The player can communicate with other ships, obtaining information about the value of certain goods on various planets. In the same way you can get tasks.

The player starts out as a space mercenary pilot, flying a small shuttle, wishing to find fortune in a vast and ruthless galaxy. It should be mentioned that there is not one way to pass the game, which is one of the best features of the game. For example, a novice player in search of money can become a merchant or courier, delivering cargo between worlds; become a pirate or a bounty hunter, attacking and damaging ships to steal money, cargo or ships themselves; become a participant in one of the central storylines; and even take over the galaxy by conquering worlds.

There are six main storylines that the player can take part in, one for each of the main factions: Federation, Rebels, Aurorians, Polarians, Vell-os, and Pirates. These storylines make up the lion's share of the game.

Starting with a simple shuttle, the player acquires new ships, weapons, and other technology, such as invisibility devices, ray guns, and fighter hangars, through purchases or by completing certain quests. As the game progresses, the player can choose larger and better ships that can hold more cargo, as well as hire guided escort ships, eventually gaining access to powerful, large ships with alien technology.



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