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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the fifth in a series of games about "the boy who survived. The game's release coincides with the release of the Warner Bros. movie, based on J.K. Rowling's fourth book.

Harry, Ron and Hermione return, and players will be able to relive all the best episodes of the movie, from the Quidditch World Cup camp to a terrifying duel with Lord Voldemort himself.

The real adventure begins when the Goblet of Fire names Harry as the fourth contestant in the Triwizard Tournament. Each contender for the international tournament must tackle a fire-breathing dragon, rescue his friends from the icy depths of the lake, and make it through a huge, puzzle-filled and dangerous maze to win the precious Winner's Cup in the end.

Players will have to live through not the brightest of days together with Harry and his friends. Evil is still out there, growing and gaining strength to destroy our hero...

- All the magic of the movie is in front of you. The events in the game are based on the movie. The magical world of Harry Potter comes alive with all the characters, first modeled and copied from the actors. The whole environment, all the items from the movie, precisely recreated Hogwarts with all its faculties, classes and professors complete the exciting gameplay.

- The new spell usage system will allow players to get a better feel for magic. The controller will respond to every swing of the wand. Players will be able to use the new spell selection system, using complex magic to improve their abilities.

- One spell is good, but three is better. Players will have the opportunity to combine their efforts, using the different abilities and spells of two of their friends in team mode. This will help combine magic and produce more complex and destructive spells than before. You can almost always enlist the help of Ron and Hermione, but just like in the movie, there are moments in the game when Harry will have to fend for himself.

- Accio, magic beans! Players will be able to use the "Accio" spell to attract magic beans that add power to Harry, Ron, or Hermione, as well as take advantage of special magic cards that give you advantages as you progress through subsequent episodes.


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