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HDD Mechanic is a program for recovering deleted files and damaged hard drives in Windows. Automated recovery makes HDD Mechanic a great data recovery solution for home and office. Supporting FAT and NTFS disks and flash drives, HDD Mechanic returns deleted files and folders and recovers corrupted disks and partitions completely automatically. HDD Mechanic works on all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Vista and 2008 Server.

The data recovery tool supports all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems, including hidden NTFS. HDD Mechanic recognizes all types of storage media such as hard drives, flash drives, SSDs, memory cards, external hard drives and digital cameras. HDD Mechanic can recover files and folders, return data from damaged, corrupted and even inaccessible drives, memory cards, flash drives and digital cameras. On severely damaged media, sophisticated data recovery algorithms perform a complete scan of the entire disk surface to locate and recover files of more than 150 types.

Also, HDD Mechanic can recover all file types when they are simply erased in the trash or deleted bypassing that. Damaged, corrupted and even inaccessible disks can be recovered by HDD Mechanic easily and automatically. The program will help you access the disks and the data stored on them by repairing corrupted system structures. Even formatted disks, reformatted and repartitioned hard disks can be recovered.

HDD Mechanic can recover disk partitions (partition tables), MBRs, and file systems completely automatically. HDD Mechanic combines advanced data recovery techniques with a step-by-step operation. The available preview helps you choose what you want to recover from among all the recovered files. The live preview can show more than 150 file types such as documents, pictures, archives, and multimedia files.


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14 years ago
The program works, takes files that were deleted from the hard drive, but when you want to restore any file, the program asks for a key and a serial number. HELP!!!!!!! HELP!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS PROBLEM, I NEED TO RESTORE FILES URGENTLY. THANKS IN ADVANCE.