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Windows95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
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Recovery Mechanic Recover deleted files and folders. Recovery Mechanic allows you to recover all types of files from normal, damaged or even inaccessible devices such as hard drives, flash drives, SSD drives, memory cards, and digital cameras. Even if the disk is formatted or inaccessible, Recovery Mechanic will still be able to view it and recover your files and folders! Supporting all versions of Windows starting with Windows 95 and ending with Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2008, Recovery Mechanic can recover files and folders stored on all kinds of disks formatted under all versions of FAT or NTFS. Recovery Mechanic using the latest advances in data recovery technology allows you to carry out a fully managed step-by-step recovery process. Recovery Mechanic's wizard makes recovery of lost and deleted data not only possible but easy and fast. Just a few clicks of the mouse will start a complete scan of your entire system to locate and return missing files and folders. Special algorithms compare the information read from your hard drive against an extensive database of file formats to discover the beginning and end of each recoverable file. Documents, pictures, music, videos, archives, emails, and many more file types can be recovered from disks that have been horribly damaged, reformatted, or simply inaccessible. Even if the disk is not detected as a drive letter, you may be able to recover important files from it too! Recovery Mechanic provides a complete preview of all recoverable files. You can preview documents with objects, email with applications, play audio and video files, and enter compressed archives before Recovery Mechanic tries to recover them. The live preview works in the full and the trial versions of Recovery Mechanic.


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