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Kaspersky Security Scan is an anti-virus scanner that scans your computer for threats and determines whether your system is secure. The program does not require resources, supports Windows operating systems (7, 8, 10) and works even on weak hardware. Official product support from the developer minimizes the risk of your computer being infected with new viruses.

Description and Features

Kaspersky Security Scan is a lightweight version. The program is a light version of the free Kaspersky Internet Security anti-virus, from which it has "borrowed" the entire database and the capability to scan for threats.

Kaspersky Lab developers do not impose a paid product on the program users. Therefore, Kaspersky Security Scan is compatible with most modern anti-viruses: ESET NOD32, Dr. Web, McAfee, Norton. That is, you can simultaneously use antivirus databases from different manufacturers.

Kaspersky Lab's scanner is easy to use, has an accessible interface and supports the Russian language. Even inexperienced users will have no difficulty working with it.

Functions and Options

Kaspersky Security Scan performs system scan and analysis of its security status. A report is generated based on the scan results, which include the following information

  • antivirus software installed on your computer and its database status;
  • firewall installed and its activity;
  • a list of detected malware;
  • risk of reducing your computer's protection level, given the current operating system settings.

Kaspersky Lab scanner uses three methods to scan the system for malware. This is done to prevent infecting the system with viruses that are not included into the program's anti-virus database at the moment of scanning.

The three scans include

  1. Scanning of scanned files against the lists of anti-virus databases.
  2. Using the Heuristic Analyzer to check for viruses that haven't yet been added to the anti-virus database.
  3. Connecting the Kaspersky Security Network service to increase the scanner reaction speed to unknown threats.

You can download the latest version of the program quickly and for free at Freesoft.


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