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Masyanya. 4 in 1 is a game about how the tireless Internet star Masyanya decided to show herself in all her glory! Meet the most complete collection of her adventures: a set of 4 exciting games, three of which represent the genre "quest," and another in one, "Masyanya and the Beach Follies," our heroine with his assistants Piglet and Shaggy will go to the resort, where they serve visitors to the beach, bringing them drinks, ice cream and issuing inventory.

Three games in the genre of "quest" are connected by one storyline: working as a journalist in the "yellow" newspaper, Masyanya learns about a treasure, which hid a crazy professor. To get the treasure, the heroine and her friends are sent to Namibia, and to save it - travels to Europe, in passing saving our national soccer team from defeat. Dizzying adventures, chases, battles with bandits and many other twists and turns are waiting for you, but cheerful heroes, thanks to their courage and fearlessness, be sure to get out of all the trouble! In the game "Masyanya and beach hijinks" you have to help inseparable trio of friends to earn money for tickets home.

To do this, you have to quickly and accurately serve visitors to the beach, give them inventory for the rest, take care of the timely replenishment and arrange advertising campaigns! In addition to fascinating tasks and lots of mini-games, the games have the signature humor, for which Masyanya loved millions of people around the world. And no wonder: the author of voice and dialogue is Oleg Kuvaev, who invented the image of the heroine and participated in the creation of this game series.


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