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Photo Mechanic is a program for photographers and photo enthusiasts. It is designed to help you organize and manage your extensive photo collection. It lets you rate photos, tag them, view and edit photo information, and much more.

If you take a lot of photos, you probably have a lot of images piled up on your hard drive. To sort through the piles of photos and organize them clearly, you need the right program. This is one such program. It has a set of necessary functions and tools.

The main features of Photo Mechanic

  • sorting and searching of photos;
  • full-screen viewing mode;
  • comparison of photos side by side;
  • adding tags;
  • performing operations with large groups of photos: renaming, resizing, emailing, etc;
  • tagging photos in color;
  • optimizing your photos for online use;
  • viewing and editing of metadata (description, title, keywords, event, location, contact information, etc.);
  • viewing technical information about the camera (lens, shooting parameters, camera model, focus mode, white balance, etc.);
  • printing of photos;
  • importing GPS coordinates;
  • recording photos to CD/DVD;
  • uploading photos to an FTP server directly from the program;
  • changing the date and time when a photo was created.

This is an advanced program for managing large collections of photos that can simplify the task of managing and organizing photos. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

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