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FeminaSoft Women's Calendar

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FeminaSoft Women's Calendar is a program designed to predict dates with low and high probability of pregnancy, days of the beginning of periods, estimated date of delivery, dates of conception and the predicted sex of the future child. The results of the prognosis can be used for planning the conception of a child or, on the contrary, for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The calendar can also be used for more effective contraceptive use.

The calendar is based on several calculation methods at once: calendar, temperature, cervical and symptothermal.

The main features are

  • Displaying a calendar with marked dates and data;
  • shift to any date from 1901 to 2049;
  • support of unlimited quantity of different profiles with passwords (each one has its own settings and data);
  • ability to manage several calendars under one user;
  • change of the main window size, flexible setting of months displaying;
  • calculation and display of days when the next period starts, days with low and high probability of conception, and ovulation days;
  • the start day of any cycle can be changed and all recalculations are performed in real time;
  • Maintaining the basal temperature and taking it into account in the prognosis;
  • Keeping cervical data and taking them into account in the prognosis;
  • Keeping the symptothermal data and taking them into account in the prognosis;
  • Flexible adjustment of days of discharges;
  • Display of calculations for cycles shorter than 21 days and longer than 35 days;
  • support for floating and fixed cycle length;
  • automatic calculation of ovulation or manual editing for each cycle;
  • works with irregular cycles, the duration of all past cycles is saved;
  • display of all marked data as a list and graphs;
  • ability to keep notes for each day;
  • calculation of statistics for all cycles and reliability of the prognosis;
  • calculation of the expected date of childbirth, the predicted sex of the child and its zodiac sign;
  • calculation of the date of conception according to the desired date of birth, sex and zodiac sign;
  • Display of the number of days elapsed from the beginning of any cycle;
  • Quick display of information about the current day;
  • display directly on the calendar of the predicted sex of the baby and any marked data;
  • a table to organize your medication intake;
  • A reminder to take your pills;
  • printing the current calendar and schedules on the printer;
  • data import from version 2.x, database backup and restore.
  • versions for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


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12 years ago
just super!!!!