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Nike Training Club: training

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Nike Training Club: Training is your personal fitness trainer who is ready to provide advice and help you make your workouts even more effective. Perfect for those who work out both at the gym and at home.

Your personal fitness trainer, on your smartphone screen

This program was designed so that everyone can create a personal training plan in it according to their personal goals. After a simple registration, you will be asked to specify how often you exercise. Based on this information, the app will download a list of recommended workout plans. Select the most suitable one to see its description, duration and the necessary equipment. If the workout suits you, just click the button at the bottom of the screen to start the workout. The program will open a video in which an experienced instructor explains and demonstrates the exercises you need to perform in clear language. Importantly, the application is fully translated into Russian, including all video instructions from trainers.

Did not come up with a workout? Then open the tab "Programs". Here you can choose a workout plan you are interested in, according to your needs and desires. Here you will find the basics, yoga and more advanced workouts. The programs are supplemented with nutrition tips, and also have a function of sending reminders and help in maintaining motivation. It's worth noting that the program keeps a history of your activity and rewards the user's efforts, with a system of achievements. And to make the tracking of your successes even more convenient will help you synchronize with Google Fit.

In the latest version of the application Nike Training Club, you will find:

  • a wide choice of training programs;
  • workouts of all kinds, for all levels of training;
  • long and short sessions;
  • the ability to work out at home, in the gym or outdoors;
  • expert advice on sleep, healthy eating, meditation, etc;
  • the ability to set background music;
  • Chromecast support;
  • support for Google Fit;
  • Full translation into Russian.

With FreeSoft, you can download on your cell phone program Nike Training Club: training for Android, completely free.


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