2GIS and Uber announced cooperation and improved navigation for drivers in the cities where their services are available

18 May 2017
Probably the majority of active users of mobile gadgets and PCs in Russia have heard of or even actively used 2GIS. Some time ago, the corresponding mapping application implemented a navigator function, which helped users get from one point of the city to another more easily. Now this navigator is also available for Uber drivers.The fact that 2GIS and Uber have recently announced their cooperation. One of the first fruits of this cooperation is the integration of the domestic navigator in the U.S. service of cab calls. However, it is worth specifying that only drivers will be able to use the innovation. This should improve the quality of passenger service, since the use of 2GIS allows you to find the best routes, taking into account traffic jams and, as a result, arrive at your destination even faster. However, this does not mean that now all Uber drivers have to use the 2GIS navigator. Firstly, as you can easily guess, the innovation will only be available in the cities where the service is present. Secondly, the driver will be able to choose the preferred navigator: built into Uber, or 2GIS. It is also worth adding that the use of 2GIS navigator will remain free for Uber drivers, while Yandex announced the intention to charge taxi companies and other business customers who use the company's navigation service.