Rumors about the closure of the search engine "Sputnik" have not been confirmed

18 May 2017
Since the launch of the project, the Sputnik search engine has had time to try out a considerable number of users. For one reason or another, most of them did not opt for the new domestic product, returning to more familiar solutions. This was the reason for the possible closure of the project. Nevertheless, Rostelecom's management believes otherwise.It should be reminded that according to LiveInternet, Sputnik's share of the Russian Internet search market was only about 1%. Of course, such figures cannot characterize the project as a success. In addition to this, the search engine is not profitable from advertising. Not surprisingly, users began to suggest that the existence of Sputnik was not long. Mikhail Oseevsky, President of Rostelecom, said that the company does not plan to completely abandon Sputnik. According to him, the project will be continued, even if it has to go through cost optimization. Moreover, Rostelecom is thinking about adding more applications and changing the development direction of the system. However, it is not reported what changes Sputnik may undergo.