Telegram now has the ability to send video messages

19 May 2017
Good news awaits Telegram fans. A new version of the popular messenger has been released, which brings the ability to exchange video messages.Now in order to send a video message, all you need to do is open a chat in Telegram and click on the icon with the image of a microphone and switch to video recording mode by selecting the camera icon. The recording will take place when you click on it. For those who find this method inconvenient, you can swipe up on the screen to continue recording without holding down the button. The same way you can record voice messages. A pleasant surprise will be the high speed of their delivery. The thing is that Telegram starts compressing and sending while still recording. Another interesting innovation is the launch of the Telescope service. It allows you to easily share your video messages with a wide audience. Despite the fact that it is designed more for celebrities and bloggers, everyone will be able to find a use for it. The reason for this will be the ability to share your videos even with those who do not have a Telegram account. Each messenger user who creates a public channel will get a personal link to Telescope, where all the recorded video messages will be stored. You can share links to them with anyone, in any convenient way.In addition, the developers have equipped bots with the ability to accept payments, as well as introduced support for the Instant View function. The latter allows you to instantly view the content of Web pages without leaving the messenger. It is worth adding that not too many sites are supported yet, but their number will increase regularly. All of the above innovations have become available in Telegram 4.0. Everyone can get acquainted with them in practice. All you need to do is to install the current version of the messenger on your gadget.