Apple announced the start of sales of refurbished iPhone X

05 February 2019

"Apple" company began selling refurbished iPhone X. The flagship smartphone in a remanufactured version is still available for purchase only on the American market.

Продажа восстановленного iPhone X

Experts believe that in the future a similar trend will reach Russia. At the moment on the American market for the iPhone X with 64 gigabytes of memory will have to pay $ 769. For the same iPhone, but with more memory - 256 gigabytes - you will need to pay $ 899.

Apple representatives said that there are no defects in the gadget. Moreover: all the functions provided in the phone work without failures.

All restored models are also covered by the warranty - 1 year, as well as other smartphones - those that are brand new.

Восстановленный iPhone X