launches its Atom browser

05 February 2019

The day before Group announced the launch of its browser. The company called it Atom.

Браузер Atom от browser for Windows is based on the open platform Chromium.

The company's press service said that the new product was developed with an emphasis on security and protection of user data. With a single click you will be able to block ads and offers from sites with the request to subscribe. It won't be difficult either to prohibit the Atom browser from storing browsing history. Group announced that it would pay 1 million rubles to the person who finds a serious vulnerability in the browser.

Браузер Atom от скачать

Launching the browser opens the start page with recommended content "Pulse". This is also a development which takes into account peculiarities of user behavior on the Internet. The platform works in a similar way to Yandex. Zen".

As noted by representatives of the company, servers, among which are social networks, are now being optimized for loading. With the help of a new browser. admitted that the new browser has nothing in common with "Amigo," launched in 2011 and closed in June 2018.

In the context of the appearance of Atom, users also recalled Go!, also created by The company noted that there will be no further support for this browser, which is not promoted in any way.

Скачать Атом от Мейл ру

By the way, you can download the new browser from from our website - here is the link.