Samsung found a way to get rid of the "monobrow" on smartphones

06 February 2019

The notch at the top of the smartphone screen, which became fashionable after the release of the iPhone X, was not to the liking of all users. In this regard, gadget manufacturers are looking for other ways to place the front camera and increase the display area. Thus, already presented smartphones with retractable camera, with a small round hole in the middle of the screen, as well as sliders. Meanwhile, the company Samsung patented a new, perhaps the most unusual at the moment, decision.

It turns out that the South Korean giant plans to move the front camera of its flagships to the S Pen stylus. Samsung representatives point out that many manufacturers these days use cameras with digital zoom instead of optical, to save space and reduce the thickness of their devices, while sacrificing the quality of the final image. The patent application describes a method of embedding an optical sensor in the S Pen, which involves the use of at least one lens. In this case it is planned to control the camera using an external button.

At first glance, the idea of a camera on the stylus seems strange, but if it allows you to get rid of the "monobrow" so annoying to many, then why not? Unfortunately, we do not know yet when Samsung plans to implement this patent. One thing is almost certain - we should not wait for the innovation in Note 10.