Facebook Messenger got the feature that many people have been waiting for

06 February 2019

Facebook announced the launch of one of the most long-awaited innovations in its branded messenger, a function for deleting messages sent to all the people on the phone.

Surely many people have been in a situation where a message was sent in a hurry to the wrong addressee, or some things were said in haste. Most modern messengers have already acquired a function of deleting messages sent to all participants in the conversation, designed specifically for such cases. Finally, this feature has been made available to users of Facebook Messenger.

Taking advantage of this innovation is very simple. To do this, you only need to click on the message and select the appropriate item. The first allows you to delete the record only for yourself, and the second - for all recipients. It is reported that you can use this function only for 10 minutes from the moment you send the message. However, at least part of the deleted text will still be visible in the notification of incoming messages.

The innovation has been officially launched and is available to all Android and iOS mobile device owners. To try it out in practice, you need to install the current version of Messenger on your gadget.