Experts: Rice will not save your smartphone after falling into water

06 February 2019

The experts at iFixit told us that rice will not be able to absorb the liquid in the smartphone after falling into water. On the contrary, it will only harm it.

Сушка смартфона в рисе

So the myth that the rice will be able to recover your smartphone after the fall in water dispelled by the experts, proving that this method does not work. The water inside the phone is still there. As you know, the longer the liquid is inside the smartphone, the worse it is for it. So, the fact that the gadget can not be made functional again after getting water in the case, the experts of iFixit explained. Experts say that buckwheat or rice, for some reason popular for allegedly restoring smartphones after water penetration, not only fail, but even harmful.

For example, when drying in rice, some phone owners simply ruined the motherboard. At the same time, it was damaged in such a way that it was no longer possible to restore it.

What should you do if water got into your smartphone? Do not panic and without wasting time dry it. That is why drying in rice is not suitable: moisture residues remain, the smartphone will not dry to the end and in the end simply will not work.

Что делать, если намок телефон?

At the same time, it is worth noting that for some users, rice did help to revive the gadget, but not for long. Soon after a miraculous recovery, the device began to work badly or did not work at all.