Experts: Russians are most afraid of account hacking

06 February 2019

The vast majority of Russian citizens are afraid that their accounts in various Internet services will be hacked. The study was conducted by Kaspersky Lab.

Взлом аккаунтов в соцсетях

65% of Russians are worried about the security of their accounts on the World Wide Web. People are afraid of hacking accounts in various social networks. By the way, recently there have been more and more cases of such hacking. As a rule, their purpose is different - from simple mischief to attempts to steal someone else's money.

62% of Russian citizens are afraid of such programs which can intercept passwords typed on their devices.

According to statistics from Kaspersky Lab, 12% of Internet users experienced hacking of their account in any social network. 13% of users say that hackers tried to crack their pages, but they failed.

5% of respondents became victims of coders: people who pick up passwords and hack accounts.