Google told us about two updates to protect personal data

06 February 2019

Google has announced updates that will protect and keep user data safe, even if they leave the company's sites and apps.

Приложения для защиты данных пользователей Гугл

The giant company talked about the Chrome Password Checkup extension and Cross Account Protection feature.

Let's first talk about the first extension, Chrome Password Checkup. It will save your account from data leaks on other resources. If the extension detects that someone else is trying to access your password, it will prompt you to change it. Password Checkup is designed in such a way that no one, not even Google, can find out your account details.

Cross Account Protection is designed to alert you if someone tries to hack your account. This applies if a third party has already accessed your Google account. The tool will quickly restore protection. When apps and sites use Cross Account Protection, Google can send them a message when someone tries to hack your account so they can protect you, too.

Расширения для защиты учётки Google

Google also tells you about account incidents in the "recent events" section: related to security, hacking, and suspicious activity.