Scientists from Krasnoyarsk are working on biosensors capable of detecting stress and cancer

06 February 2019

Employees of the Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of SFU are creating sensors with gold nanoparticles. The new invention will be designed to detect stress and cancer in humans.

Биосенсоры для обнаружения стресса и рака

According to the researchers, if a disease or poisonous substances are present in a person, it will be possible to trace them using bioluminescent inhibitor analysis. As an example, the scientists cite an experiment with the detection of the Hsp90 protein. It is noted that if its level is elevated, it means that a person may be diagnosed with stress or cancer.

The new invention is a biological module for tracking whether there is a stress protein in the body. Using the same gold-based biosensor, it is possible to diagnose a disease due to the special elements it contains. Valentina Kratasyuk, Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Bioluminescent Biotechnologies of SFU, told about it.

Sensors of this type will also help determine the presence of heavy metals in the human body.