DIY: making a decorative shelf out of popsicle sticks

06 February 2019

Tasteful décor makes a house cozier. In this section we will talk about what interior items you can create with your own hands.

Полка из палочек от мороженого

Things made by yourself, not infrequently become a source of pride. In addition, their big plus is that the items can be created in the sizes and shapes you need. Today we will talk about creating shelves for small things. This is an extremely easy to make decor, but so stylish that it will definitely attract the attention of your guests.

What do we need for this? Wooden ice cream sticks, a gun with hot glue, paint (best to use acrylic-based - it does not rub off), some little things for decoration.

Step one. Make the frame of the shelf. Here you can use your imagination. The shelf can be in the shape of a diamond, rectangle, square - in general, such as you want. Next, using a glue gun, build up one popsicle stick on each side in turn. We glue them with hot glue on both sides. It is best to make 8 or more sticks on each side of the shelf. Then it will be strong enough.

Полка из палочек для мороженого своими руками

If you want, you can paint the shelf in any colors that are most appropriate for the interior. We do this, for example, with acrylic paint, because it dries faster than others and you can apply several layers at once. After drying, it does not stain. You can also paint with, for example, markers or felt-tip pens, but it's best to cover it with a colorless varnish or a special coating after you've done the color coat.

The shelf can be hung on the wall with a stationery button. You can fill the decorative element with some non-weighty objects or you can hang photos inside.

Note that your shelf can be tiered, complex shape or simply large. Then you need to think separately about the fasteners: it can be hinges and self-tapping screws or nails.

Полка из палочек от мороженого