Firefox browser will start to automatically block sound in tabs

07 February 2019

Good news for those who are annoyed by automatically playing videos on various sites. It is reported that Mozilla will soon release an updated version of Firefox, which will be implemented a function to block the sound in such situations.

Thanks to this innovation, Firefox users will no longer have to worry about the fact that when you click on a link, there will be an unexpected sound from the speakers. The developers didn't forget about those to whom the automatic playback of video with sound didn't create any problems. The thing is that the user is offered to control the new function by himself. In other words, you can switch autoplaying on and off manually.

However, it's worth adding that there are some exceptions to the function of blocking automatic sound playback in Firefox. Thus, on sites that were previously granted permission to use a microphone or webcam, videos with sound will play in normal mode until the permission is withdrawn.

According to the developers, the new feature will be available in the new Firefox version number 66 for computers, as well as for mobile devices running Android. The corresponding release is scheduled for March 19, so those who are interested in the innovation will have to be patient.