Russian Netflix: Yandex will start making TV series

07 February 2019

According to the Vedomosti newspaper, citing several sources in media companies, Yandex will soon begin work on creating its own series, movies and TV shows.

This information was also confirmed by representatives of the company. Olga Filipuk, Yandex director for media services development, said that negotiations with different companies about the production of movies, series and TV shows are already taking place. The company is not ready to disclose any details. Despite this, it is known that Yandex plans to order up to 10 series in different genres by the end of the year.

Moreover, agreements have already been reached on at least two projects. Of course, information about both has already appeared on the network. The first of these will be the series "The Ministry". As the name implies, it will talk about government officials and corruption. Shooting will studio "Wednesday" Alexander Tsekalo, and the director will be Roman Volobuyev. The second project will be another detective series called "The Whirlpool". It will be shot for Yandex by Ruben Dishdishyan's Mars Media company and directed by Andrei Stempkovsky.

It seems that Yandex has decided to adopt the experience of major foreign online services like Netflix and Amazon. So far it is difficult to say whether the Russian company will be able to compete adequately with the Americans in their new field, even if it is in their home market. Especially considering the fact that at least two upcoming projects will add to the practically endless list of domestic crime series, and there is no information about the other planned projects yet.