Unauthorized users will be able to ask Odnoklassniki support service questions

07 February 2019

The social network Odnoklassniki launched a chat room to help users in anonymous mode. There it will be possible to solve the question of changing the password, if you can't log into your account, and so on. The chat will be available even to unauthorized users.

In a correspondence with the support service you can solve questions on how to register in the social network, to restore the password, to solve problems with the photo and unlock the profile or group.

At the moment unauthorized users - 70% of the total number of people, who contacted the support service. To use Odnoklassniki innovations is very convenient: for example, password recovery goes much faster than via e-mail - in 15-20 minutes. Whereas previously it used to take up to two hours to get a reply from the support service, now it takes just 2-5 minutes.

The chat room is now up and running. However, for the time being, it is possible to choose the most suitable answer from the most common typical requests. For example, if there is a problem with the password, just click on the "password" button, and a list of questions appears. Most often asked by users.

Онлайн-чат техподдержки в Одноклассниках

Chat with support is available in the web version of Odnoklassniki. In order to start a dialogue, you need to click on "Forgot your password?", select your profile and, after all these steps, click on "Contact us".

Go to the chat with technical support is also possible from the main page (the one where you specify the login details for Odnoklassniki). At the bottom corner of the screen will be the "Help" button.

In the future it is planned that a part of users' requests will be handled by the chat-bot. Later, the chat with technical support from OK will also be available in iOS and Android apps.

Recall that the tech support service for authorized users of this social network has been working since 2017.