Google removes banned sites from search at the request of Roskomnadzor

07 February 2019

Google listened to Roskomnadzor and began to remove banned sites from its search results. Before that, the deputy head of the service said that the American search engine may be blocked in Russia if it does not cooperate with the authorities.

Now Google is removing from the search sites, access to which is prohibited in Russia. This is done on the basis of the "black list" of resources compiled by Roskomnadzor.

This list includes sites whose content contains calls for extremism, promotion of drugs, suicide, advertising of gambling, pornography and copyright content without permission of publication.

Гугл удаляет запрещённые в России сайты из поиска

Recall, in December 2017, the supervisory authority fined Google half a million rubles for non-compliance with the requirements of Roskomnadzor. Representatives of the service demanded that the search engine was connected to the federal state information system (FGIS). This system contains all Internet resources, access to which is prohibited in Russia. The requirement was not met.

At the same time, other search engines - Yandex and - were connected to the system.

Roskomnadzor representatives claim that they will continue to try to get the giant company to comply with the laws of the country, and if necessary, to initiate new administrative proceedings. The maximum penalty, threatening Google, is 700,000 rubles. A little later it became known that the Russian legislation may be amended, under which for the evasion of connecting to FGIS search engine can be blocked.

In the near future Google will face new inspections, which will show whether the company has complied with the requirements of Russian legislation.