Apple will sacrifice Face ID to speed up production of the iPhone X

26 October 2017
Not so long ago, it was reported online that Apple could delay the release of the flagship iPhone X, due to a number of technical difficulties. It seems that the specialists of the company have found a way to meet the promised deadlines.Of course, the acceleration of production could not but lead to some compromises. So, according to Bloomberg, Apple had to reduce the accuracy of Face ID facial recognition technology, softening the original requirements for the characteristics. In this connection, the acceptance of pre-orders for the flagship iPhone will start on time: this Friday, October 27. Recall that retail sales will begin on November 3 at 8:00 local time in more than 55 countries, including Russia. The new iPhone X will be available in two colors - silver and "gray space. The smartphone with 64GB of internal memory will cost 79990 rubles, and for a version with 256GB will have to pay 91990 rubles. Interestingly, Apple representatives deny information about the decline in accuracy of the new technology. According to Trudy Muller, Face ID characteristics should become the new "gold standard" for face authentication. Be that as it may, ordinary users can only hope for stable performance and high accuracy of facial recognition, regardless of whether Apple has softened its Face ID requirements or not.