Microsoft will give up manufacturing Kinect devices

26 October 2017
An unpleasant surprise for Kinect fans: Microsoft has decided to stop the production of its wireless touchless controllers.Recall that Kinect, which was created as part of Project Natal, allows to register voice commands, as well as users' body movements. For this purpose, it received a video camera, an array of microphones and depth sensors. For the first time, Kinect gadgets became available to a wide audience back in 2010. Then they came with the Xbox 360 game console. Then, the controller became available for PC and Xbox One console, but already as an additional accessory, due to its high cost. Now, the company has announced the end of production of new Kinect. It is expected that they can still be available at retailers, but only until the stocks are empty. It is reported that Microsoft will continue to support existing Kinect users.