Free Android app allows user data theft

27 February 2019

It has become known that one of the popular and free programs on Android - SHAREit allows you to steal users' data.

The program is designed to transfer files from one Android phone to another. According to some reports, using SHAREit hackers could gain access to all smartphone owners' data and steal that information.

The vulnerability in the program was detected by Redforce employees. It is written about it in the company's blog.

Бесплатная программа на Android позволяет красть данные пользователей

To hack the cybercriminals used public Wi-Fi. Users needed to connect to the Internet to log into SHAREit.

The program's insufficient security allowed the hackers to seize users' data and download it to their computers or any other device. Attackers were also able to steal files from the gadget.

It is known that the vulnerabilities of the app were discovered about a year ago. But because the danger for users was catastrophic, the information was not disclosed. Last year, the developers fixed the flaws, but they never released a new version of the program.